The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

 Hello, everyone! If you already know what is going on, then this post is for you, if you don't this is also for you. Here's what happened. This is: 1. An explanation about why I was gone for over a month with no online activity at all. 2. An explanation about the recent drama regarding the easter egg in Thorium and contents of the Thorium Website. 3. A layout of what I am guilty of, not guilty of, how I'm going to move forward, and an apology to the community. 4. Dispell some kinda crazy twists of the facts that resulted from grapevine word of mouth, etc. such as accusations that I hosted child porn on my site, that Thorium binaries are malicious (i.e. a virus), or that I was trying to medically influence people. Ok, so I was gone for a little over a month at the hospital with some medical issues, with no access to a computer. I had my phone, but only used it to communicate with family. I added an inappropriate  easter egg  to Thorium. It was accessible by going to the dev

AVX2 Builds and new ChromiumOS builds.

New AVX2 repo for Thorium >   Also added more patches to Thorium > New ChromiumOS builds with multiple fixes and additions > Also it was Chromium's 100th birthday! We are now on M101 though.

Outline of benefits of Thorium over vanilla Chromium.

Chromium is an amazing project, and I simply wanted to add to the amazingness by adding things I think fit well for people already using Chromium. I have created a fork of Chromium, called Thorium, named after radioactive element No. 90. I make builds for linux >  Windows >  and MacOS/Android/different CPU architectures > Thorium has speed/performance flags, implemented as compiler and configuration flags. Namely: The use of AVX and AES instructions. CFlag and LDFlags and Rust COPT flags changed from their default values of 2 to 3, lto_opt_level changed from 0 to 3, import_instr_limit changed from 5 to 100, all debug constructs stripped from binaries, and finally, various LOOP optimizations implemented as -mllvm flags passed to the LLVM Clang compiler. This nets a 2-8% performance improvement, depending on the benchmark. Some benchmarks I have ran an

Joined the Wayne OS project.

 I am now a contributer to the Wayne OS project. Will be adding work from my own ChromiumOS builds to there.

New Thorium Builds and new subreddit.

 New Thorium builds out today with FMA optimization and a new audio sandbox patch added. Will be working on new ChromiumOS release too with added packages. I have started a new subreddit because /r/Chromium seems dead. New reddit community is at

FINALLY WORKING x264 ChromiumOS and enhancements to Thorium

 New release has codecs working! Thorium is now built with lld cflags and thinlto set to 3, not 2, for even more speed. DoH patch is getting an enhancement next release.  

New Releases of Chromium, ChromiumOS, and linux-chromeos.

 Here are my own chromium and chromiumOS builds. Chromium builds have thinlto, PGO, codecs, widevine, and experimental features and modified logo and branding.  Chromiumos has x264 and full linux firmware support. linux-chromeos runs the whole chromiumos system UI in an X11 window.